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Beware of Light Blue Danger! How to Protect Your Eyes For The Long Term

Posted by Blueberry Glasses USA on

People who stare at pixels and screens all day for work and recreation are susceptible to light blue danger. Special eyewear like Blueberry glasses can block a majority of blue light radiation that is responsible for many chronic eye problems, and other problems like insomnia and mood swings.

One of the most unique evolutionary differences between humans and any other creatures on the planet are eyes. Human eyes have evolved to work with a highly complex brain and body system. They are capable of relaying colors and visual images in a way that is unlike the visual capabilities of any other creatures on earth. Human eyes however, are highly susceptible to harmful radiation and light blue danger.

Though the entire spectrum of natural and artificial light can easily be perceived by human eyes, not every type of light is beneficial. Each type of light ray affects eye cells in different ways. Blue light is particularly harmful to human eye cells with prolonged exposure. Blue light occupies a very short range in the light spectrum, but the rays are intense, and they have the ability to penetrate biological structures more easily than other types of light rays.

Beware of Light Blue Danger! How to protect you eyes for the long term

When people catch a full glimpse of the sun, they wince. This light exposure is uncomfortable not only because of UV radiation, but because of the presence of blue light rays. These rays quickly pierce the natural defenses of the human eye and signal a defensive response. The sun isn't the only source of common blue light radiation. In a person's everyday life, the most common source of harmful blue light rays are digital lighted screens. These include computer, smartphone, and other LED-type displays.

Many people have lifestyles and occupational demands that require endless hours each day spent staring at a computer screen. At the end of the day, these people often notice the onslaught of headaches, watery eyes, problems with seeing objects at a distance, and floating fuzzy, or dark objects during the drive home. A primary cause of this is blue light radiation exposure from modern screen displays.

A simple and fashionable preventative measure for exposure to blue light radiation is being marketed by a forward-thinking company. They have designed eyewear that filters most blue light radiation that comes from computer screens, video games, phones, digital displays, certain industrial lighting, and yes, the sun itself.

This eyewear, known as Blueberry, is light, modern, and similar in design to the most attractive prescription eyeglass models. The difference is that it is designed to be worn by anyone who is exposed to synthetic light blue danger sources whether they normally wear eyeglasses, or not. In the long run, this preventative eyewear can help block blue light that is proven to cause problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and psychological problems including insomnia, depression, and seasonal affected disorder (SAD).

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