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Secrets To Avoiding Insomnia Might Be Related To How You Look At Your Computer Screen

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Insomnia seems to be increasing around the world. An important Harvard Medical study has linked this difficulty sleeping with potential dangers due to blue light emitting from your computer screen. HEV glasses can help.

Insomnia by lack of computer glassesDid you hear about the Harvard Medical study linking possible smart phone, television and computer screen glare to insomnia? You love your iPad or Samsung Galaxy, but it might not be easy on your eyes or brain. Discover why computer glasses might be of assistance.

How Can Computer Glare Damage Eyes

You love 'em, you spend 24/7/365 playing games on them, but your electronic devices might hold a dangerous secret. They might be emitting blue light, which could interrupt your natural rapid eye movement (REM) sleep schedule. The concept is a bit difficult to understand but has been proven by both Harvard and the American Medical Association (AMA).

Have you ever forced yourself to do an "all-nighter" during college? Or more simply, have you ever worked an overnight shift? Didn't you have problems, sleeping during the day?

The same is true when you view your computer screen blue light, before sleeping. Your body needs to prepare for sleep, but the blue light is keeping you awake. Moreover, the blue light is more powerful and can actually damage the macula of your retina with prolonged usage.

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Are You Fully Relaxed

Some scientists are suggesting that a "red light" might help you relax at bedtime. The AMA said that artificial light-induced sleeplessness "could be minimized by using dim red lighting in the nighttime bedroom environment." There are even some "smart lights," which change color at night to assist with sleeping.

Wearing eye covers can help some. Wearing blue blocking glasses during the day is also an answer. The High Energy Visible (HEV) Glasses make it easier on your eyes, so you can get a good night's rest. It kind of makes sense, when you think about it.

What is REM sleep? That is "rapid eye movement" sleep, right? Thus, if your computer glare is making your eyes tired, then won't your REM sleep suffer? Of course, it will.

Computer Glare Glasses Answer Your Prayers

You don't need to suffer from insomnia. You can wear blue blocking glasses to minimize computer glare. Sensitive computer users already might turn down the brightness of their display or use computer glare protectors. Blue-blocking glasses are the next step.

We offer 11 different colors and 4 different styles of computer glare prevention glasses. Avoid sleeping problems, by blocking harmful blue light rays